Unveiling the Enigma: Blanket Jackson’s Net Worth


Jackson loved his blanket more than anything in the world. It was his best friend, his confidant, and his security blanket. He took it everywhere he went, and he couldn’t sleep without it.

But one day, Jackson’s blanket went missing. He searched high and low, but he couldn’t find it anywhere. Jackson was devastated. He didn’t know what to do without his best friend.


blanket jackson networth
blanket jackson networth

Blanket Jackson, also known as Prince Michael Jackson II, was born on February 21, 2002, into the famous Jackson family. His father was the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Blanket’s early life was very private, because his father wanted to protect him from the media. Blanket was often seen wearing a mask in public, so people couldn’t recognize him.

Even though Blanket was born into a famous family, he still wanted to have a normal childhood. He went to school and played with his friends, just like other kids. But it was hard for him to have a normal life, because everyone knew who he was.

Despite the challenges, Blanket had a happy childhood. He was loved by his family and friends. He also had a lot of fun with his father. Michael Jackson was a great dad, and he loved spending time with his kids.

personal life

Blanket Jackson is the youngest child of the well-known singer Michael Jackson. He was born in 2002 and became as soon as in the news when his dad held him over a balcony while he turned into a toddler. however in recent times, Blanket prefers to be referred to as “Blanket.”

He goes to a unique college in la, and he without a doubt likes martial arts, that is a form of recreation. He doesn’t like being famous like his family, so he stays away from the cameras and the media. 

from time to time, he comes out in public along with his brothers and sisters, however commonly, he loves to have a everyday lifestyles far from all the attention. keep in mind, this statistics is from earlier than September 2021, so matters may have modified on account that the.


Blanket Jackson is the youngest child of the famous Michael Jackson, but he has mostly stayed out of the public’s sight and hasn’t started a formal job as of the last time I knew in September 2021. In his early years, he concentrated on his education and personal growth.

His family is super famous in the entertainment business, but they tried to keep him away from all the cameras and reporters. Every once in a while, you could spot him at events with his brothers and sisters, but he liked to stay low-key.


Blanket Jackson, the youngest son of the late Michael Jackson, has recently made a significant real estate investment. He purchased a house in Calabasas, California for $2.6 million.

The property is situated in a prestigious 24/7 guard-gated community, offering an extra layer of security and privacy. This purchase showcases Blanket Jackson’s financial acumen and independence at such a young age.

It’s inspiring to witness him taking steps towards building his own legacy. We wish him all the best as he embarks on this exciting new chapter in his life!


Blanket Jackson’s education was meticulously tailored to provide a well-rounded foundation for his future. Despite being born into a world of fame and fortune, his father, Michael Jackson, emphasized the importance of learning.

Blanket attended exclusive private schools, which combined rigorous academic studies with a strong focus on personal development. This unique educational journey aimed to prepare him for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in his extraordinary life.

blanket jackson net worth

blanket jackson networth
blanket jackson networth

Now, let’s talk numbers! Can you believe Bigi’s net worth is around $100 million? That’s a lot of zeros! He got this money from his dad’s belongings and things. Michael Jackson left a lot behind, and it’s made a bunch of money over the years


Blanket Jackson, now known as Bigi Jackson, is the third child of the late musical legend Michael Jackson. He has a net worth of $100 million. Blanket was an associate producer on the 2013 film “Kingdom Come” and has inherited a significant portion of his father’s estate. Michael Jackson’s estate has generated over $700 million since his passing.


Blanket Jackson (now known as Bigi Jackson) does no longer have a revenue within the traditional experience, as he isn’t always presently hired. however, he does obtain an allowance from his father’s property, which is estimated to be around $8 million per yr.

This allowance will stay paid to him till he reaches the age of 40, when he’ll inherit his complete percentage of the property.

similarly to his allowance, Bigi Jackson additionally earns money from royalties and licensing offers related to his father’s music and other creative works. as an example, he changed into an partner producer on the 2013 movie “country Come,” which featured tune by means of Michael Jackson.

overall, Bigi Jackson’s net well worth is predicted to be round $120 million. This wealth is essentially because of the inheritance he received from his father, but he has also earned some money on his own.

Blanket Jackson’s parents:

blanket jackson networth 3
blanket jackson networth

Blanket Jackson’s mom and dad are the late Michael Jackson, a music icon, and an undisclosed surrogate mother. Michael Jackson, renowned as the “King of Pop,” left an enduring legacy with his chart-topping music and innovative contributions to the music industry before his passing in 2009.

Blanket’s mother’s identity has been kept a closely guarded secret by the Jackson family. Despite the curiosity about his family, Blanket has been raised away from the glare of fame, leading a normal and private life.

Blanket Jackson’s Inheritance: A Legacy of Financial Security”

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Blanket Jackson, the youngest son of Michael Jackson, were given a whole lot of cash from his father when he died. the precise quantity isn’t always regarded, but it’s miles notion to be loads of millions of dollars.

Blanket became simply seven years vintage while his father died. in line with his father’s will, Blanket and his siblings had been to receive equal shares of the cash. however, there were additionally a variety of debts, so it took some time for the kids to acquire their inheritance.

In 2015, while Blanket turned into thirteen years vintage, he obtained his first installment of his inheritance, which turned into reportedly worth around $33 million. he’s going to receive more installments as he gets older, till he receives his full percentage of the cash at the age of forty.

Blanket’s inheritance is managed by way of a believe fund, that is designed to guard his money and make sure that he has a steady earnings. The believe fund also includes provisions for Blanket’s training and upbringing.

despite the fact that Blanket is still a teen, he is already financially secure for the rest of his lifestyles. His inheritance will allow him to pursue any profession he chooses, or to honestly stay a existence of luxurious.

Illness and Death

blanket jackson networth

Blanket Jackson, the youngest child of the late Michael Jackson, had a difficult time coping with his father’s death in 2009 when he was just seven years old. It is reported that Blanket faced the most challenges in adjusting to life without his father.

He appeared lost and extremely upset after the tragic loss. However, all three of Michael Jackson’s children, including Prince and Paris, continue to live their lives with the belief that their father is watching over them from above.

Blanket, also known as Bigi, has since shown signs of growing confidence and is slowly becoming more comfortable in his own skin. Although he can still be shy around unfamiliar faces, he is gaining self-assurance1.


Michael Jackson’s son, Blanket Jackson, has a unique and special legacy. He is the youngest of Jackson’s three children, and he was often seen in public with his father, wearing a blanket over his head. This led to him being known as “Blanket Jackson” by the media and the public.

Despite the attention he received, Blanket Jackson has largely remained out of the spotlight since his father’s death in 2009. He is now known as Bigi Jackson, and he is 20 years old.

Bigi Jackson’s legacy is one of resilience and strength. He has overcome the challenges of growing up in the public eye, and he has emerged as a private and independent individual. He is also a role model for other young people who are trying to find their own way in the world.


blanket jackson networth

In the annals of celebrity history, few figures captivate the imagination like Blanket Jackson. His story is a tapestry of legacy, loss, and evolution, woven together by the threads of a global icon’s influence.

As we peer into the life of this enigmatic young man, we are reminded that behind the fame lies a human story of growth, resilience, and the quest for identity. Blanket Jackson’s journey is far from complete, and with each passing chapter, his legacy continues to unfold in unexpected and inspiring ways.


What is Blanket Jackson’s net worth?

Blanket Jackson’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, but it is believed to be a substantial sum, given his family’s wealth

How does Blanket Jackson earn money?

Blanket Jackson primarily derives his income from his inheritance as the youngest child of the late Michael Jackson.

When did Blanket Jackson receive his inheritance?

Blanket received his first installment of his inheritance when he turned 13 years old in 2015.

Blanket Jackson’s net worth managed by a trust fund?

Yes, Blanket Jackson’s inheritance is managed by a trust fund, which ensures responsible handling of his financial resources.

What will Blanket Jackson’s net worth be in the future?

Blanket Jackson’s net worth may increase over time as he receives additional installments of his inheritance until he gains access to the full amount at the age of 40.

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