PinkyDoll Net Worth 2024:Will Blow Your Mind

Who is Pinkydoll?

Pinkydoll is a famous TikTok star and content creator from Canada. She is known for her unique and funny live streams, where she reacts to different gifts from her viewers. She has over 1.6 million followers and 9.2 million likes on TikTok. She also has a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, and a website where she sells her merchandise. She is one of the most popular and influential NPC (non-player character) streamers in the world.

Pinkydoll Net Worth

According to Pinkydoll herself, she currently generates approximately $7,000 per day from her platform. During an interview with New York Times, she disclosed earning between $2,000 to 3,000 per stream on TikTok alone.

This income comes from her fans who sent her virtual stickers that hold actual monetary value. Talking about her odd business model, Pinkydoll shared with the New York Times that it all came about coincidentally.

She mainly earns from social media platforms including TikTok, Onlyfa*s, Instagram, and others. In addition to her finances, her business endeavors also add to her overall wealth. As of 2024, Pinkydoll’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000.

PinkyDoll Net Worth 2024:Will Blow Your Mind
Pinkydoll Information

Pinkydoll Information

Category Detail
Profession Social media personality, online streamer
Birth Place Montreal, Canada
Date of Birth April 22, 1996
Age 27 years old (as of January 2, 2024)
Marital Status Unmarried
Partner N/A
Country Canada
Father’s Name Not publicly shared
Mother’s Name Not publicly shared
Education Not publicly shared
Height Approximately 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight Not publicly shared
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown

Career and Achievements

Early Life and Education

Pinkydoll become born on June 6, 1999, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her actual name is unknown, as she prefers to keep her non-public life private. She has a younger sister, who on occasion appears in her movies. She attended a neighborhood excessive faculty and graduated in 2017. She become inquisitive about track, style, and performing seeing that she turned into a child. She additionally cherished playing video games and watching anime.

Career Beginnings

Pinkydoll started her career as a content creator in 2018, when she created her TikTok account. She began posting short videos of herself lip-syncing, dancing, and acting to various songs and sounds. She also used filters, stickers, and effects to make her videos more attractive and funny. She gained a lot of followers and likes for her creative and entertaining content. She also joined other social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, where she uploaded more videos and photos of herself.

Rise to Fame as a TikTok Star

Pinkydoll became famous in 2020, when she started doing live streams on TikTok. She adopted a unique style of streaming, where she acted like an NPC (non-player character) from a video game. She would react to different gifts from her viewers, such as ice cream, roses, donuts, barbells, finger hearts, and more.

Each gift would trigger a different response from her, such as eating, smiling, crying, laughing, dancing, and more. She would also say random phrases and words, such as “ice cream so good”, “thank you bby”, “gang gang”, and more. Her live streams were very fast-paced, energetic, and hilarious. They attracted millions of viewers and fans, who loved her quirky and cute personality. She became one of the most popular and viral NPC streamers on TikTok.

PinkyDoll Net Worth 2024:Will Blow Your Mind

Other Endeavors

Pinkydoll also expanded her career to other fields, such as music, fashion, and business. She released her own songs, such as “Ice Cream So Good”, “Yes Popcorn”, and “NPC Queen”. She collaborated with other artists, such as Miles Morales, Scarlip, and Leaks World. She also partnered with Fashion Nova, a clothing brand, and promoted their products on her social media accounts. She launched her own website, where she sells her merchandise, such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. She also appeared in some magazines, podcasts, and interviews, where she talked about her life and career.

Awards and Achievements

Pinkydoll has won several awards and achievements for her outstanding work as a content creator. She won the TikTok Creator of the Year Award in 2021, the NPC Streamer of the Year Award in 2022, and the Best Female TikTok Star Award in 2023. She also broke several records, such as the most viewed live stream on TikTok, the most gifted live streamer on TikTok, and the most followed NPC streamer on TikTok. She has been nominated for many other awards, such as the Shorty Awards, the Streamy Awards, and the People’s Choice Awards.

Personal Life

Is Pinkydoll Dating?

Pinkydoll’s dating life is a mystery, as she does not reveal much about her personal relationships. She has been linked to some other TikTok stars, such as Miles Morales, Scarlip, and Leaks World, but she has not confirmed or denied any of these rumors. She has also said that she is not interested in dating anyone, as she is focused on her career and her fans. She has a lot of admirers and supporters, who respect her privacy and love her for who she is.

PinkyDoll Net Worth 2024:Will Blow Your Mind

What Does She Do in Her Spare Time?

Pinkydoll loves to spend her spare time doing diverse activities, such as gambling video video games, watching anime, listening to track, studying books, and buying. She additionally loves to tour to different locations, which includes new york, l. a., Tokyo, and Paris. She enjoys exploring new cultures, cuisines, and points of interest. She also loves to hang out with her buddies, family, and pets. She has a canine, a cat, and a hamster, who regularly seem in her films.

Social Media Presence and Livestreams

Popularity on TikTok Live Streams

Pinkydoll is very popular on TikTok, especially on her live streams. She has over 1.6 million followers and 9.2 million likes on her account. She goes live every Monday to Friday, at 8:30 AM and 8:30 PM ET. She usually streams for about an hour, and sometimes longer. She interacts with her fans, who send her gifts, comments, and requests. She also plays games, sings songs, tells jokes, and does challenges. She has a loyal and devoted fan base, who call themselves the Pinkydoll Army. They support her, defend her, and admire her. They also create fan art, fan videos, and fan pages for her.

Other Social Media Platforms

Pinkydoll is likewise lively on other social media platforms, which include YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. She has over 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel., in which she uploads longer motion pictures of her stay streams, backstage, vlogs, and extra. She has over three hundred,000 fans on her Instagram account, in which she posts pictures and stories of her each day life, clothing, travels, and greater.

She has over a hundred,000 followers on her Twitter account., in which she tweets updates, bulletins, and evaluations. She also has a internet site, wherein she sells her merchandise and offers extra information approximately herself. She has a big and developing on line presence and affect.


PinkyDoll’s journey from TikTok maven and OnlyFans sensation to global stardom is a testament to the power of social media in shaping modern fame and fortune. Her estimated net worth of $300,000 in 2023 is a reflection of her innovative content creation, engagement with fans, and strategic monetization. As she continues to explore new opportunities and platforms, it’s clear that PinkyDoll’s influence will only grow. She’s already solidified her status as a digital trailblazer in the world of online entertainment.


What is Pinkydoll Birthday?

Pinkydoll’s birthday is 22/04/1996.

What is Pinkydoll Zodiac Sign?

Pinkydoll’s zodiac sign is Taurus.

What is Pinkydoll’s Real Birth Name?

Pinkydoll’s real birth name is Fedha Sinon.

Where is Pinkydoll’s Birthplace?

Pinkydoll’s birthplace is Quebec, Canada.

How Tall is Pinkydoll?

Pinkydoll height is 5’6” (167.64 cm).

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